Home Safety

With the advancement of technology in the area of crime detection and monitoring, the need for CCTV applications has become undeniable.
The technology is simple to use and enables the management of the organization to view, monitor, reduce crimes, and improve productivity with our Analogue and IP Solutions.




 Motion Detection & Alarm

It can send you notifications when the camera observes

motion within its field of view to alert you to suspicious activity.

Night Pro Vision

High efficiency of recording images in low- to no-light situations can have a great impact to avoid often criminal activity that might happen at night.


Audit and monitor a wide area with a camera that can pan and/or tilt to record a larger area than a static camera.


The sound feature can refer to your camera receiving sound via a microphone, emitting sound via a speaker, or both. Cameras with both can double as intercoms.


For an ease of use, and a rapid way for monitoring your assets, the Wi-Fi Cameras are here to achieve your targets.

Live and recorded video images can be viewed from a dedicated monitoring station, laptop, PDA, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Setup Your Camera Solution

 Setup The Solution

Setup & Configure your Camera Solution, either a wired or wireless one

Connect your Solution to the Internet

Connect to the Internet

Connect your Solution to the internet with the required configurations.

Download The Apps and Connect

Connect On the GO

Search for the suitable mobile application to view your place remotely.




According to your solution, either a wired or a wireless one, you will have your way of storing your recording, to be able to play it later upon your demand, and according to your needs.


1. Easy, reliable installation & setup
2. Accessibility via network
3. Built in IR Display for night vision
4. Improve effectiveness of video security
5. Improved High Data storage to store video footage
6. Remote access to recorded footage
7. flexible, cost-effective solution



Contact Us, Ask for your solution, we will work together as partners, and leave the rest to us.

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