Safe Environment for Employees, Visitors and Contractors

Protect people, facilities, networks and assets with comprehensive access control systems.

 Visitor Management System

Improve security by identifying who is in a facility quickly and accurately, especially in emergency situations.

Custom ID Card & Badge Printing

Custom ID Card & Badge Printing.

Multi-Factor Authentications

Either with Fingerprint, Card or Face Recognition.


Identify Who is in my Building

1. Provide Safe Environment to everyone.
2. Control access to highly secure areas.
3. Assign or Suspend access to avoid any security breach.


All Types

 All Types of Access Control & Time Attendance

Either by a key, your fingerprint, your face recognition, ID Card, or any other way, customizable according to your budget and demand.


All in One Integrated

Integrated access, video, and intrusion systems through one interface providing Multi-factor Authentication if needed.

Receive and escalate alarms for access or security violations

Facilities Management

Manage All your Facilities

Manage access for doors, elevators, car parks and vehicles

Features & Benefits

1. IP Access Control Management Software to manage and generate reports for Access Control System.
2. High Availability.
3. Stable, Fast and Consistent Communication.
4. Advanced Access Authentication.
5. Global Anti-Passback, Linkage and interlock.
6. Fast & Easy Fingerprint and/or Face enrollment.
7. Easy & Quick installation setup.
8. Requires Less Cabling.
9. Can work on a standalone arrangement(a reader, lock control without access controller).
10. Can work on Panel arrangement which allows for more administrative functions, more restriction levels, real time monitoring, and detailed access control report.
11. Flexible user privilege setup.
12. Remote Opening enabled.
13. Printable standard reports format of entry and exit through the door.
14. Optional alarm system for long time unclosing, invalid verification, and illegal break in.
15. Economical and environmentally-friendly solution.

Application Areas Of Access Control

1. Factory
2. Bank and other Financial Institutions
3. Laboratory and Computer Center
4. Hotel Room
5. Server Room
6. Entrance Door Monitoring
7. Store Room
8. Safe Room Restriction
9. Engine Room Restriction
10. Executive Room Restriction
11. Staff Room Lock/Monitoring
12. Hospital Room Lock, among others
13. Others

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